Gleaning from the Gospels

I’ve been reading through the gospels again lately. Just reading. Observing. Nothing profound, I don’t think, but new thoughts to me. I love how the Holy Spirit functions as my Teacher, breathing life into words.
So here are a few things I’ve gleaned from Matthew, Mark, and the first half of Luke:
  • When Jesus performed miracles or spoke amazing, powerful words, people tried to give Him glory. But He always deflected that praise back to the Father, even though technically He could have accepted it for Himself. For He was still God. And yet He was man. With the temptations of the flesh. And the temptation to accept for ourselves the praise that belongs only to God is a powerful temptation!
  • After twice reading the story of Peter and James and John at the transfiguration of Jesus, it struck me that even when I dwell the presence of the Lord I can get off track. Right there in the midst of His glory Peter threw out an idea that God the Father immediately shot down. I remain fallible, able to mess up in any circumstance until the day I shed my body of flesh. Not before.
  • Even Jesus grew in wisdom. So why do I think I’m any different? Or my children? Growing in wisdom is a process for us just as it was for Jesus in His earthly life.
  • “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” It occurred to me that this should be preached at every wedding! So many ways we can be a house divided as husband and wife. But to be conscious of this, to work together to pull in the same direction even when that requires sacrifice and submission on both our parts would be to have a house united. A marriage that stands strong.
Ok, lots of other stuff in my journal and in the margins of my Bible, but you get the idea. Have you been wandering the pages of your Bible lately? If so, try reading through the gospels and observing the life and words of Christ. I guarantee you will come away changed.

2 comments on “Gleaning from the Gospels

  1. Great points! Isn't it amazing that every time we read the Bible we can learn something new? His word definitely is alive and active!

  2. I recently read through John in preparation to witness to a new friend.

    It had such an impact to take in the story as a whole…

    Our Jesus is so beautiful, so holy, so PERFECT!!!

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