Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Yes, most people are singing “Happy birthday, Jesus,” but for our family, Christmas Eve has been more about my daddy’s birthday. This year especially so. Today my daddy is 75 years old!

It seems surreal, for we often forget that Daddy is aging at all. He still snow skis and golfs. He has an iphone, can email and skype, and takes digital pictures. He (along with my mother) attends most of his grandchildren’s sporting events, concerts, and programs. They travel. They serve. In short, they live very full lives.

So today we will celebrate Daddy, even as we celebrate Jesus. For we know that without Jesus, Daddy would not be who he is today.

Happy birthday, Daddy! You are much loved!

2 comments on “Happy Birthday, Daddy!

  1. Happy Birthday to your father, Mrs. Mateer. I think it’s wonderful that people keep active and up to date with technology, no matter how old they are. It keeps them young! My grandmother is 74 and she too writes emails, send e-greeting cards, takes photos with her cellphone, works in her garden, cleans her own house, etc.

    • Thanks, Shirley. I agree with you that the key to staying young is staying active and involved. So glad to hear that your grandmother is doing the same!

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