Happy Independence Day! Will You Pray?


This weekend, as we celebrate the founding of our great nation, I want to encourage you to pray for our country. Not just a hit-0r-miss, occasional prayer, but consistent, concentrated prayer. Not for political agendas, but for people.

To this end, my dear friend Lisa Holmes and I have been meeting once a month for the past 18 months to pray. We pray for America’s leaders. Her institutions. Her culture. We pray for the church. We pray for forgiveness. We pray for grace. We pray for truth. We pray for our own hearts and for the hearts of every citizen in this country, from the most visible to least noticed.

Lisa’s vision for praying for our country is something she calls Praying Two by Two. Check out her website and her Re:God┬áblog. She’s a woman of great faith with a passion to see God do great things. And she knows that in order for that to happen, God’s people must humble themselves and PRAY.