Head in the Clouds by Karen Witemeyer

I’ll admit that I often go into a new book with a bit of fear and trepidation if I have any kind of relationship with the author. I mean, what will I do if I don’t like it?
From the opening pages of Head in the Clouds by Karen Witemeyer, I knew that wouldn’t be a problem! Her story of a Texas rancher’s daughter who finds herself as a governess on the Texas sheep ranch of an English nobleman completely captivated me. It didn’t hurt that besides an English character or two Karen also sprinkled in references to some of my favorite classic English literature titles. And a great message of faith and following God’s plan for your life. Top it off with a heavy dose of romance and this was one of those books that I hated to see end.
I’m so glad Karen has more books waiting in the wings. And I’m even more excited to meet her face to face in a just a few weeks!