Held Hostage by Sandy

We made a quick trip to central PA. My husband had meetings in DC and I had a book signing in PA. Then the plan was a couple of days with family in my husband’s hometown and a couple of days with my sister-in-law and her family near Philadelphia. Then home on Monday and back to our busy lives.

But Sandy had other plans.

On Sunday afternoon, our Monday flight was canceled. The next available, viable option was Tuesday afternoon–out of Pittsburgh. So we packed up, returned the rent car, and loaded in with my in-laws to return to central PA to be closer to Pittsburgh. We are waiting out Monday at the local coffee shop, where there is internet and cell coverage, trying to work. But Sandy could still interfere with our plans. The wind and rain should arrive in a few hours. The temperature continues to drop. The three hour drive to Pittsburgh in the morning could be treacherous to downright impossible. And we won’t know until then.

So we remain captives of Sandy’s fury, thankful that at least we have a place to wait it out but praying we can break through and make it home sooner rather than later. Until then, I hope you are safe and dry wherever you are!

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