Home Again

Elizabeth got home last night from her senior class trip to Cancun. They had a great time. We asked her if they got on each other’s nerves. (It’s a small school. These kids are almost always together!) Her reply? “Nope. We got along great. It was like one big family vacation.”

Wow! I love that! She said when they ventured out from the resort a couple of times, the guys were extremely protective of the girls, stationing themselves before and behind the group. I love these kids! I love the relationships she has had with these boys, how they have been good friends to the girls and treated them with respect. I hope she will find some more of these types of friends as she goes off to college! 
I’m glad she got to celebrate her graduation with her friends and with a few days of fun and sun. Now it’s back to the real world: work and getting ready for her Ghana trip!

3 comments on “Home Again

  1. LOL! Until I received these comments I had no idea I'd posted this on THIS blog and not my one for those who want to keep up with my kids! Guess it's been one of those weeks–or months–or years!

  2. I heard almost the exact same words from my Senior son about the trip. This is a special group of kids, that's for sure.

  3. Your daughter sounds like a delightful young lady. Our boys graduated with small classes, and we had the honor of going on our youngest son's Senior trip to Disney World. These kids were so much fun and ended up keeping tabs on the adults–to make sure WE made it in by curfew. Thanks for reminding me how enjoyable our kids are.

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