How Are Your Eyes?

A funny thing happened to me yesterday. I got up and put in my contacts. Nothing unusual there. But when I reached the living room, I could tell something wasn’t right with my eyes. Things were a bit blurry. At least on one side. 

I could have panicked. After all, given my eye issues, I am always told to watch for changes that signal the need for immediate medical attention. But this has happened before, and I suspected the reason was the same. 

I returned to the bathroom, took out my contacts, then reinstalled them in the opposite eyes. Eureka! I could see! I have no idea how many days or weeks or even months they’d been wrong. It may have been awhile because it took a little getting used to. But when I tested each eye alone by reading the clock across the room, I knew they were again in the correct position. 

I’m not sure how this happens. Perhaps a tired night and I screw the wrong lid on the wrong contact. Or maybe (more likely) a tired morning where I mix up left and right. It got me thinking, though, about my spiritual eyes. How often, living in this world from day to day, do we mistakenly switch our focus? How many days or weeks—or even years—does it take for us to realize we aren’t seeing things quite right and recognize the solution to seeing clearly again?

My prayer for myself—and for you—this year is that our spiritual eyes would see clearly. That we would recognize when we’ve made an unintended switch of truth for partial truth and do what it takes to regain clear sight. 

After all, walking a narrow path is much easier when the edges aren’t blurry.

4 comments on “How Are Your Eyes?

  1. Wonderful analogy. I’m afraid my spritual eyes are often blurred by the world and my own stubborn desires. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. GREAT INSIGHT! That is so true and I would very much like to stay on the path.

    Like your image as well.;)


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