How was your Christmas?

We celebrated a lovely Christmas week with all three of our children at home. We gathered with cousins to make Christmas cookies and open gifts, then we reveled in our huddle of five and watched movies, played games, attended the candlelight service at church and ate and ate and ate! We got some things done around the house–like getting our daughter’s “apartment” set up in the room over the garage, stocking up on firewood and rearranging some furniture.

Jeff (hubby), Abby (dog), Aaron (middle child), Elizabeth (oldest), Elphie (her dog), Nathan (youngest)

Abby (dog), Jeff (hubby), Aaron (middle child), Elizabeth (oldest), Elphie (her dog), Nathan (youngest)

We had some tough moments, too. Like helping my parents move my aunt into a memory care assisted living unit a few days before Christmas and starting the arduous task of cleaning out her house (again!) in the days following. Saying goodbye to our elder son after only 8 days at home was also hard, but Christmas falls in the midst of basketball season, so he always has to get back quick.

All in all, it was a good week of reflection and celebration. A week of family and food. A week of setting aside the normal work of life and just enjoying one another. But what I really want to know is how was your Christmas? Did you do anything special? See anyone special? Have a moment that you would share with all of us? I’d really like to hear!

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  1. What a lovely post, and no comments, Anne. I just had to, even though it’s quite late, it’s still fresh in my mind. I think met you on twitter, just followed you on Pinterest, and that’s how I landed on this post, from your Pinterest board… Lovely family, sounds like you spent some quality time together. I only had one of my children with me, my youngest daughter, her husband, and fourteen month old boy. Mom and child stayed for ten days. It was delightful. We live entirely too far away. Thanks again for the lovely post, and reminder of family times. ~Joyce

    • Thanks for dropping in, Joyce. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas, too. It is nice when all the kids are home, but sometimes it’s nice with just one, like you had. That individual time seems to be harder and harder to come by. I look forward to seeing you around the various social media sites! đŸ™‚

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