Humbled and Amazed

I can remember sitting in my bedroom, somewhere around 30 years ago now, reading a Eugenia Price novel and thinking Someday I would love to write historical fiction that is specifically Christian. You have to understand: Eugenia Price’s novels, published by Doubleday, had the most Christian content I’d read in a currently penned book. But I longed for more. 
Enter Janette Oke. And Bodie Thoene. And Gilbert Morris. I devoured their books as I finished college, got married, had babies. Suddenly Christian historical fiction was everywhere! The reader in me rejoiced. The writer? Not so much.
But in fits and starts, from about 10 years old to 33 years old, I nursed my writing dream. In 2000, with my youngest off to kindergarten, I began to take my writing more seriously. In 2001, I actually finished the manuscript for a historical novel.
Then I switched to contemporary women’s fiction. Wrote three more novels. Experienced a miraculously specific encouragement from the Lord to return to historical fiction. Wrote a new historical novel. Received a request for that manuscript from an editor judging it in a contest—an editor at a publishing house I’d have never raised my sights to dream about. I revised and revised and revised under the direction of said editor. And I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed. Not that I would be published necessarily, but that the Lord would teach me through the journey, no matter the outcome.
Today–exactly 13 months since the day I received the email requesting my manuscript–I can finally announce that I signed my first book contract, a two-book deal with Bethany House Publishers. As I look back through the details of the past 10 years—details I keep in a file started long ago named “My Writing Journey Or How God Managed to Orchestrate My Career”—and I am humbled and amazed.
Today is my day to boast in the Lord. To declare that He has done this wondrous thing. To shout from the highest mountain, “To Him be the glory forever and ever. Amen.”

Oh Lord, You have done wondrous things and my mouth will never cease to tell of Your greatness!

11 comments on “Humbled and Amazed

  1. I am so excited for you. This is so wonderful and I know God will be glorified in your obedience. Can't wait to read it.

  2. Now, that's a wonderful story that ought to be told to all!!! Great news, D'Ann… rejoicing with you in all that God has done, in the character He has wrought in you, the way He has crafted you — hidden you away until you could flower with a perfume that would knock people's socks off! : )

    Can't wait to read your books.



  3. To God be the glory! That is so awesome! Congrat's girl – you so deserve it! WOW!

  4. Thanks, y'all. Humbled and amazed truly describes how I feel about all this! Thank you for rejoicing with me!

  5. 1.) I love you.

    2.) I'm so, so happy for you. Few people deserve this as much as you.

    3.) WOOOOHOOO!

    4.) Thank you, Lord!

  6. I am thrilled and grateful and so humbled to be a small part of this journey. So proud!!!

  7. D'Ann, I knew from the first time we sat together in a class at Mount Hermon that it was just a matter of the Lord's timing before you were a published author. Congratulations. Consider yourself hugged until we're close enough for the real thing–maybe at ACFW.

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