As I’ve started another journey through the Bible, from beginning to end, it seems the theme the Lord is showing me on this trip is humility. First I saw it anew in Moses’ life. (He is named as the most humble man on the face of the each.) Now I’m recognizing it in David’s life, though it is not actually named as such. 
In David’s life, I see humility in the lack of a presumption on his part. In spite of being anointed king by Samuel, David doesn’t take that word and say, “Ok, I’ve got this Lord. You told me what I’d be, now I’ll make sure it happens.” Instead, at every turn, he seeks the Lord’s direction–even when others are declaring that direction to be clear in the circumstances. (Most often those people were wrong!) 
David’s humility also comes in the form of forgiveness, of not holding a grudge, of maintaining integrity in his own words and actions no matter what his enemy did or said. That’s humility. Just like Moses, David didn’t feel a need to defend his position (or his future position). He left that to God to do or to not do. He was secure in his belief that God’s plan was superior to his own, in spite of what the circumstances looked like. 
Like Moses, David was also quick to repent when he realized his sin. And both men also understood that God’s reputation was more important than their own. And isn’t that humility, too? Realizing that my life isn’t about me. That my circumstances, whether marked by blessing or discomfort (or a bit of both), aren’t about me getting what I “deserve,” good or bad. The end result of all my life is simply to be a showcase for God’s glory, a revelation of His power, His love, and His forgiveness. 
Of course I’m only in 2 Samuel, but I have a feeling these lessons on humility will continue on through. After all, even in the New Testament God reminds us that He opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. (James 4:6, I Peter 5:5)
I want to walk the rest of my life in that kind of humility. How about you?