7 comments on “Introverts and the Holidays

  1. I honestly do not know whether I’m an introvert or extrovert…but that article definitely made me smile. Even if I’m not a full-blown introvert, I definitely have my introvert days. 🙂

    • I think most people start out nlaarulty shy, somewhat introverted, at first. I have met a few little kids who were nlaarulty outgoing at a young age, but only s handful come to mind. On my own Myers/Briggs evaluation, I scored 1 point into the extrovert category. I think this means I am actually an introvert who has learned some of the benefits of getting outside my comfort zone. I do it to make a living; I do it to help others; and after years and years of practice, yes, I now do it because I enjoy it. I think it’s sort of like skiing. The first time on the slopes, I had natural fear. I sort of hung back a bit. And fearing falling, guess what happened. I fell. But when I got confident about myself, I decided to just go for it. And I learned to ski. There are some introverts who actually never come out of their comfort zones. I know a few, and believe their lives are poorer for it.

  2. Oh I have seen myself in all these scenarios. Never realized how we naturally search for those ways to avoid small talk.

    • I know! I was kind of surprised, too. And of course I read the article just after I’d been to a gathering where I’d done almost all of them! 🙂

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