It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas

I hold no claims of rivaling Martha Stewart or any other crafting, decorating guru. But I do love decorating for Christmas. This is our sixth Christmas season in this house and every year some things stay the same and others change. I’m not sure I’m completely happy with the mantle yet, but the tree is good. And I always love doing lighted garland along the top of the entertainment center. If you want a peek at my house ready for this season of celebration, just scroll below!

The dining room, with linens cross-stitched by my grandmother.

Entertainment center with the lighted garland. I love it at night.

Entry way. Nativity set made for us by another grandmother.

The breakfast room table. I love that I can leave the snowmen up through January.

The tree! It sits behind “my” chair, near the fireplace.

The mantle, “my” chair, and the tree. Of course there is no fire since it was 80 degrees while I was decorating!

This nativity on the corner of the mantle is one my daughter brought home from one of her trips to Ghana. So special!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick tour of Christmas at my house. Have you decorated yet? What is your favorite part of the decorations?

9 comments on “It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas

  1. Love. LOVE! Warm and beautiful. No tree for us this year, but I did put the nativity my sister made more than 30 years ago on my mantle. Another nativity from my son and d-i-l in the dining room. And I got out the Dickens village for the first time in several years. Feeling quite Christmas-y here too. May your holidays be merry and bright!

    • I’m just so happy we got a new tree last year that was a breeze to put up this year! Otherwise I don’t think we’d have a tree, either. I do love nativity scenes. And a Dickens village? I’m green with envy! I know it is all beautiful and classy, just like you. 🙂

  2. Oh, I definitely enjoyed the tour. So pretty!

    Something sweet: This year I’ve been feeling crunched for time so I was thinking I might just skip the decorating thing. Well, I got a call from my mom over the weekend telling me she and my sister want to drive down to Des Moines on Tuesday to clean my place for me while I’m at work and then decorate for Christmas, which I’ll get in on after work. Is that sweet or what? So by the end of tomorrow, I’ll have a Christmasy place after all. 🙂

    • What an awesome Mom and Sister! That is so very cool. And not only will your decorations surround you with the memory of Christmas, it will be such a tangible reminder of their love for you! You are truly blessed, my friend!

    • This is finally a year we’ll be home for all of it, so I pulled everything out. Well, not everything. I didn’t do anything outside this year except the wreath on my door.

  3. Love the lighted garland and the snowmen on the table! 😀 How beautiful. We have our tree up and a few decorations here and there. Second year in a row I made a swag for the front door out of pine boughs I clipped from our yard. And this year I wound a wreath together with my oldest daughter. By no means neat and tidy, but I made it w/ family…makes it all worth it.
    ~ Wendy

    • I love that you made a swag and a wreath out of real stuff! I’ve always wanted a live wreath and never had one. (Not many pines where we are.) And yes, so much sweeter when the crafting also makes a family memory. Enjoy! (I’m trying to smell your pine wreath from here.)

    • i can’t see them either =( but i can eivisnon them and i’m completely jealous for it’s supposed to be in the 80s all next week. what a nice moment you shared! i’m going to have to look for a wreath holder!

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