Just the Right Words

I don’t often do devotional books. I prefer to simply read Scripture. But last year I received a wonderful, leather-bound edition of Streams in the Desert that I keep by my favorite chair. Days, weeks, months may pass without me cracking open its spine. But then a day arrives that I feel drawn to it.
Yesterday was such a day. I turned to March 22 and began to read. It was all about waiting.
Here were some of the sentences that leapt off the page:
Yet when God delays, He is not inactive.
As Joseph did, we should be more careful to focus on learning all the lessons in the school of sorrow than to focus anxious eyes toward the time of our deliverance.
If we have gained the qualities that make us ready for a throne, nothing will keep us from it once His timing is right.
He is never late.
And just to put an exclamation point on those words, He sent them to me at the exact moment I needed to hear them.
It still doesn’t make waiting fun or easy, but at least it reminds me waiting has purpose.

2 comments on “Just the Right Words

  1. Of all the devotionals on my shelf, this is the one I always return to. "He is never late". Love that.

  2. I love Streams in the Desert. My copy has turned down pages, underlines, and highlights. I've had the book for years, and every time I read through again, God's word speaks.

    I'm sitting with you in the waiting room. 😀

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