Just What I Needed

We walked into church and looked at our programs. The sermon topic: Do not worry.

“I guess that’s a good one for you before you go to your conference,” my husband said.

I shook my head. “I’m not worried. I’m good.”

And I believed that. Until the sermon. As the preacher spoke word upon word, the Holy Spirit sliced through my heart. I was worried. Maybe not about the things I’ve been worried about in past years, but worried all the same.

And a life lived in worry is a life not lived by faith. And whatever isn’t from faith is sin. So I discovered I had some repenting to do. I know whom I have believed. And I need to trust Him for all things.

So the sermon I thought I didn’t need was the one I needed after all. Isn’t God good?

2 comments on “Just What I Needed

  1. We had a sermon on not worrying about six weeks ago, and it really spoke to me. Yesterday our pastor's subject was "Traveling A Rough And Rugged Road," and it was exactly what I needed. Don't know how God arranges those things, but He certainly does.

  2. Those are what I call terribly wonderful moments. We don't really want them, but we need them. Can't wait to hear about your conference when you return! Thanks for sharing your heart. Praying for you!

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