Last First Day of School!

Going to school has been a major part of the past 18 years at our house. Our oldest started pre-school at 3, just before our youngest was born. Now our youngest, three months shy of 18, traipses off to the first day of his senior year. Ironically, my other two kids (in two different states!) start their college classes today, too! But the senior is special. It marks the last first day of school from my house. I’m not overly sad or happy today. Just . . . satisfied.

First day of 1st grade

This was our daughter’s first day of 1st grade picture. Apparently I’m a bad mom since this is the first “first day of school” picture I took! Note that our youngest is standing with her while the middle child peeks around the door behind them.

1st day senior year

And here’s that little guy from the first picture on the first day of his senior year of high school! Woo-hoo!

However and wherever you school, may you and your children learn and grow and have a great year!

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  1. My third is starting his senior year now, too. I can’t believe it went so crazy fast. We have similar pictures with his older brother and sister. Seems like yesterday.

    I pray that your family enjoys this special time. Another one of the lasts. 🙂

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