Learning to Juggle

I remember when my little sister learned to juggle. I can’t remember if the instructions came from a video or a book, but I remember that she started with one ball, practicing catching it with both the left and right hand. Then she added a second ball. When she got proficient with those, she added the third. Suddenly, she was juggling!
This process of becoming a published writer is kind of like learning to juggle. I’d been very comfortable with handling work on one novel. Over the past few months, I’ve become used to thinking of two projects: the marketing of Wings of a Dream and the writing of the book to be named later. But today I turned in that 2nd book, which means after a short break to catch my breath, I throw that third ball in the air—researching and brainstorming new story ideas, while I wait for the infamous editorial letter on book two.
The good news is that I feel ready to add that next ball to my routine. Hopefully I’ve learned enough in the past year that I can toss it in the air and keep on going. But if not, I’m so thankful that there is grace all around—from my God, my family, my friends and my editor—to take a deep breath, gather my projects, and start juggling again.
If you are a writer, where are you in the “juggling writing projects” process? Are you doing novels and short stories? Books and magazine articles? More than one book at a time?
If you aren’t a writer, what are you learning to juggle at the moment? Where are you in that one, two, and three ball process?