Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

(cue Julie Andrews’ voice) . . . a very good place to start. 

I stand at the precipice of a new project. A good bit of research has been accomplished, although I know there will be more to come. Characters have emerged from the haze at the back of my mind. There is even a rudimentary story line that might get followed.

Yesterday I again tweaked my novel templete in Scrivener, employing new tips and tricks learned in Scrivener for DummiesI’ll import some of my research and brainstorming files and then open that first blank screen, ready to see what spills forth.

It’s the beginning. All crisp and clean and new. Full of possibilities. Void of any mistakes. Once there are words on the screen, there will be no going back to this moment. Everything will move the project forward, even if it is something I later discard or delete.

But what lies ahead is more than a story. It’s a journey. One that will change me as a writer and a person. In what ways will I be different when I hold this book in my hands in the fall of 2014? I have no idea. It’s part of the thrill, part of the terror. What I do know is this is the story the Lord has chosen for me to tell at this moment. For me. For you. For Him. I only pray for the wisdom, strength and perseverance to tell it well.

What task are you at the beginning of? Do you anticipate change in yourself as you follow it through to completion?

2 comments on “Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

  1. Yay, now I’m excited for fall 2014 and another Anne Mateer book. 🙂 I’m finishing one book now…but thinking ahead to the next one. And I’ve got that same sort of “What’s this going to be and how’s it going to change me?” feeling. 🙂

    • Bless you, Melissa! It is a wonderful yet incredibly humbling place at the beginning of each project. May your next book move you even closer to Jesus than you already are! 🙂

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