Light My Way

Psalm 46:10Meditate on this verse this week in whatever way works best for you. (See this post for a few suggestions.) Then come back to this post and leave a comment telling us what you learned from it. I’ll do the same. See you then!

1 comment on “Light My Way

  1. So here are some thoughts I had as I focused on this very familiar verse:

    I love that God tells us to be still and KNOW. Not “be still and watch me work.” Not “be still and believe.” But “be still and KNOW.” He wants us to be sure of His bigness. His goodness. His majesty. His holiness. His victory. His . . . everything. It’s that knowing that allows us to truly be still. To “cease striving” as some translations say. Because who can do that without a deep knowing that He is God? We can’t. Because if we haven’t settled that one fact in our hearts–He is God–then we are forever striving to help ourselves or protect ourselves or provide for ourselves. Being still is only possible when we know He is those things to and for us. And knowing is only possible when we are still and let Him be God. It’s a circular thing, the knowing and the stillness. The stillness fuels a deeper knowing. A deeper knowing fuels a greater ability to be still.

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