Light My Way

Meditate on this verse this week in whatever way works best for you. (See this post for a few suggestions.) Then come back to this post and leave a comment telling us what you learned from it. I’ll do the same. See you then!

Psalm 131:1-2

1 comment on “Light My Way

  1. These verses–really this whole Psalm (which is only 3 verses)–has been and continues to be in my head and heart. I’ve memorized it. Repeated it. Thought a lot about what it really means. The most significant thing that has risen to the surface for me is the connection between verse 1 and verse 2. At first, them seemed kind of disconnected. But I know God’s word doesn’t really work that way. After a couple of weeks on this Psalm, it hit me. How do I compose and quiet my soul? By making sure my heart is not proud or my eyes haughty by seeing myself in the light of God’s greatness and holiness. By not concerning myself with great matters or things to difficult for me, and instead knowing that God has those in His perfect and capable hands. When I see myself in perspective to God and live in that, my soul can rest composed and quieted within me, just like a weaned child rests in peace against his mother.

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