Like a Flower in Bloom by Siri Mitchell

Like a Flower in Bloom

I’ve loved every Siri Mitchell book I’ve read, so why it took me a year to get to¬†Like a Flower in Bloom, I don’t know. Except that the cover was . . . flowery. And I’m not really a flower or gardening girl. And it was about botany. And I’m very much not a science girl.

But when I finally picked it up and read the words inside? Well, I’m very much a Charlotte Withersby kind of girl! I adored this nerdy, introverted heroine. I laughed out loud at her unintentional comedic episodes trying to fit into polite society. And I adored the man who won her heart. (He kind of reminded me of the man who won mine!)

A funny/charming/lovely and even deep story with characters who will take up residence in your heart. And did I mention it’s set in England? Just one more reason to love this book!