Looking for Fall

“They” say it will be cooler today. 70s versus our recent string of 90s. I certainly hope so. By (almost) October I’m on the lookout for fall, and 70s are much closer to my definition. If it would rain all day, as they say, too, that would be even better.

I’m ready to put soups on for dinner, bake breads and pies (and anything else!) with pumpkin, and wear jeans and jackets and close-toed shoes. I’m ready to don my cozy robe in the evenings and mornings and savor the warmth of my coffee cup. It’s almost October. It’s time to do these things. As much as I love Texas, I will never get used to the lingering summer. I want fall. And I want it now.

2 comments on “Looking for Fall

  1. Fall is here in New England with all the cool rain and changing leaves! You’re always welcome to visit. I’ve got Pumpkin ginger bread and pumpkin spiced coffee waiting for you!

    • I’m definitely coming to your house, Dawn! 🙂 If only I had the time and money to visit all my friends who live where fall exists! At least I know we are making a central PA trip in October, so that helps some. I’ll get to relish fall for a few days then.

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