Love’s Awakening by Laura Frantz

There are some authors that you enjoy from the get-go. But you also know when their books take a decidedly different turn. One that propels their work from the “books I enjoy” category to the “books I must read.” With the advent of the Ballantyne Legacy series last fall, Laura Frantz has made that turn. With the second book in that series, Love’s Awakening, arriving on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago, I know that she just continues to up the bar of excellence.

Love's ReckoningIn Love’s Reckoning, we met Eden Lee and Silas Ballantyne in a smithy in York, PA. (This book was a Christy Award finalist!) In Love’s Awakening, we meet Ellie Ballantyne, their youngest daughter, in Pittsburgh. I loved so many things about this book. The depth of the characters, the historical dealing with the slave issue in Pennsylvania, most of which was new to me (and to Laura, apparently, from her author’s note!). I love when a novel highlights historical fact that I didn’t know–or that I assumed I knew but was wrong because I hadn’t delved into that specific time and place. I also loved how she dealt with a fairly large cast of characters, and yet each one was distinct and three-dimensional.

I highly recommend delving into the world of 1820s Pittsburgh as Ellie and Jack deal with their family Love's Awakendingissues, their own issues, and their growing love for one another. It’s a story that is at once sweet and deep, a book to be savored in the reading and considered long after the cover has been closed. And of course if you haven’t yet read Love’s Reckoning, you’ll want to be sure to get that one, too!

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  1. Oh my, we’re all at different stages of diving in :). Anne’s newest is just a beautiful experience right down to the cover which is just the essence of the book. Stacey, I’m so thrilled you even want to write a review of LA, too – you’re always right there for me when a book releases and I’m so thankful.

    Melissa! I am about to start YOURS! I have heard such wonderful things! I am really beginning to enjoy contemp again and your premise and cover hooked me from the get-go. Can’t wait!

    Melanie, Thanks so much for wanting to try new books.

    ANNE! Your friendship and support means so much. My only regret is that I can’t come fresh to AHFMH again but there’s always a reread, thank heavens.

    Thanks so much for an uplifting post :).

    • Melissa’s book was such a great read! Fun characters, zany situations and snappy dialogue. I hope you enjoy it!

      Read down my comment to Melissa about how I read Love’s Awakening. I truly savored it. What a joy to read your books! And how blessed I am to call you friend! I’m still praying we get to meet face to face before heaven. 🙂

  2. I loved this book! Laura is one of my favorite authors. She is simply amazing. I am about to write up my own review for my blog, so it fun reading yours first! I am currently reading another really great book, A Home For My Heart. WOW!! Can’t wait to review that one!! 🙂

    • Yes, she is amazing–as an author and a person. And bless you for your sweet words about my own efforts. You can’t know how very much they are appreciated. 🙂

  3. I loved this book SO much. Couldn’t stop reading…read it in a day. 🙂 Ellie and Jack completely stole my heart.

    Another book I LOVED: A Home for My Heart. I’ll be reviewing it soon. 🙂

    • I know! It was fabulous! I actually went purposefully slow because I was loving it so much I didn’t want it to end. Jack and Ellie might be one of my favorite couples of the past few years worth of books!

      Bless you, sweet friend. I so wish we could have talked face to face last weekend.

  4. Anne, thank you for this beautiful review. I will certainly have to give these two books a try. Have a great day!

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