Love’s Reckoning by Laura Frantz

I read Laura’s Frantz’s first book, The Frontiersman’s Daughter, back in February of this year, though it was published back in 2009. I haven’t had to time yet to read her other titles, Courting Morrow Little and The Colonel’s Lady, but last week I got her latest, Love’s Reckoning.

Oh. My.

Love's Reckoning

I love authors whose books get better with each new release. (That’s the kind of author I aspire to be.) While I very much enjoyed her first book, this fourth one blew me away. It held me captive, not just in the characters and story, but in the richness of the language and descriptions. It was one of the those books I started putting down when I neared the end because I couldn’t bear for it to be over.

Of course one of the reasons I loved it was it was set in my husband’s home state of Pennsylvania, in the county next to the one where he attended college, then in the city of Pittsburgh, a place we’ve flown and driven in and out of and never spent enough time exploring. And then there’s the late 1700’s setting, one of my favorites, though isn’t often done.

The story itself is full of tension and secrets. One man. Two sisters. Think Leah-Rachel-Jacob-Laban and Cinderella-Stepsisters-Prince-Stepmother rolled up into one. A love story so beautiful it will make your heart ache. The kind of book that when you notice it on your self, you let your fingers graze the spine and you smile as you remember.

I loved it. Can you tell?

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  1. Anne, You write so beautifully. Thank you for taking time for my books. I’m honored and humbled by your words here. God bless you for your gracious heart!

    • Of course my caveat is that I haven’t read the two in between, but I can’t imagine them being better than this one! Happy reading!

  2. This is one of my most anticipated releases of the year…but I’m saving it a bit since I’m part of the blog tour. 🙂 Love that you have a personal connection to the setting through your husband’s experience!

    • It’s worth saving–and anticipating. Makes it even sweeter. It was my reward last weekend for being a good little girl and revising my WIP yet again. Sigh.

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