May Reads


May is always busy, so I thought I’d read less. Nope. I continue to realize that the more the stress, the more reading time I find to relieve it! And that is even more evident given the nostalgic reading I did this month. So here goes for May of 2021!

Discovering Grace by Sally Britton

This was the second in Sally Britton’s Inglewood series. I really loved this story about twins who switch places. And I love the world she has built of people and places who re-appear in these books. 

Cloudy Jewel by Grace Livingston Hill

Nostalgic read #1. While I had never read this particular title, I’ve read (and own!) many GLH books. I found this one in a used bookstore recently. Quintessentially Grace Livingston Hill! A bit preachy at times, but wonderful characters. And I absolutely love the glimpses into what life was like when these were written. (Cloudy Jewel was first published in 1920.) And it’s free for kindle on Amazon! 

Love’s Enduring Promise and Love’s Long Journey by Janette Oke

More nostalgia! I loved these when they first came out. (I reread Love Comes Softly in April.) They were just as charming all these years later. Though I confess, I prefer Marty and Clark to the younger generation. Maybe it’s because they are more my stage of life now! Glad I still have these on my shelf for my grandchildren one day.

The Secret Stealers by Jane Healy

I loved so much of this book! So much was based on real history. I love the cameos of famous people as themselves, but in roles we rarely remember they had before becoming famous. My only issue with it was that the pace between the first 85% of the book and last 15% was the difference between a model T and a race car! My head was spinning at the end. I wish it would have been able to follow the same lovely pace throughout. Still, a good book that I thoroughly enjoyed. 

Long Way Gone by Charles Martin

I’ll be honest, the method of storytelling in this one was not my favorite. We began toward what would be the end then went back and got the whole story and finished it out. Which is fine. I just prefer a more linear story. However, even though I wasn’t enamored of the structure, it was still a great story. The end was a delight. Heavily based on the Prodigal Son parable, it still managed to surprise me around every bend. 

My Wild Heart by Martha Keyes

So this series is called Regency Shakespeare—regency stories based on the plots of Shakespeare plays. This one, book 2, drew its inspiration from Much Ado About Nothing. And it was delightful! I’m always amazed when an author can take a well-known plot and make it fresh with a re-telling. And Keyes does that so well!. 

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter by Hazel Gaynor

Oh, how I loved this book! A split time period, but not a contemporary and historical, but two historical time periods! I loved you know from the beginning that the stories intertwined, but the end revelations of the connections was so satisfying. A story of love and courage and living the life in front of you. 

At Love’s Command by Karen Witemeyer

Last week I got the 2nd Hanger’s Horseman book in the mail, so I figured I’d better read the first one. Karen’s stories never disappoint. They are full of conflict and romance and spiritual truth and history. What more can you ask? Now I can’t wait to get to the 2nd book in the series! 


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