Movie Music

I can’t write in quiet. I just can’t. I have to have background noise. Music, to be more precise. But words distract me. (My brain tends to focus on the words already written rather than the ones I need to write.) So I need instrumental music. I tried classical music, which I often enjoy, but the mood just wasn’t right. Then I heard other writers talking about movie score music. And I found a match made in heaven. 

I love writing to movie soundtracks. The music is made for story. It evokes emotion. So just as score music is the perfect complement to a story on screen, it also provides the perfect background for creating story on paper. As I looked toward diving into this second first draft of my 2013 book, I decided it was time from some new writing tunes since I’ve written the last three novels with the same playlist. So I thought you might like to see what music is fueling my writing these days:

Downton Abbey
(Not only is it great music, it’s the same time period my stories.)

War Horse
(Ditto above. And of course now I really want to see the movie!)
(One of my favorite movies. One my son’s favorite movie composers.)

So much for the new. Here are some that are still among my favorites:

John Adams
Sense and Sensibility
Little Women
Schindler’s List
Next time you are looking for some fun background music, whether for writing or just for ordinary days, check out some movie scores. Like me, you might find something new that you really enjoy.