My Autographed Kindle Cover

One day, while looking at my oh-so-cute hot pink kindle cover, I realized it was boring. Not the color itself, just the unending surface of it. I didn’t want to buy another, mainly because I knew I’d eventually feel the same. I wanted something unique. Something fun. But something that didn’t cost money or require thread or glue. I also wanted something that reflected me as both a reader and a writer.

Impossible, I thought. Until a sparkling new idea popped into my brain. What if I asked some of my favorite authors to scrawl their names across the space in black sharpie? A whole host of autographs on the cover of my ebooks, something to keep for ever and always. What fun!

So I traipsed off to the ACFW Conference with sharpie and cover in hand. Here is the result:

Autographed Kindle Cover

Isn’t that cool? And I still have plenty of blank spaces to fill! In case you are curious, here is a list of the authors I have so far: Regina Jennings, Elizabeth Camden, Randy Ingermanson, Brandilyn Collins, Cara Putman, Jennifer AlLee, Deb Raney, Susan Meissner, Dan Walsh, Carla Stewart, Melanie Dickerson, Karen Witemeyer, Becky Wade, Lisa Wingate, Davis Bunn, Mesu Andews, and Cathy Gohlke.

I’m hoping that besides being a cool souvenir of meeting an author, my cover will spark conversations and promote Christian fiction when I’m reading it in public. So what do you think? Good idea or goofy one?


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