My Comfy Place

I have a love/hate relationship with my office. I love the look of it. Ceiling-high bookshelves—stuffed to overflowing—line two walls. An L-shaped desk juts into the center of the room, providing a separate desktop space for my kids’ computer. I have a rolling, high-back chair, even a plastic mat on the floor to keep it from catching on the carpet. There is a stereo system as well as a large closet. Even a door into the bathroom.

Light streams in from the oblong window over the desk or shines from the four light fixtures attached to the ceiling fan. My two cross-stitched samplers, relics from my pre-child past, flank the window and a denim memo board covers a square of wall usually hidden behind the open door. Printer paper and office supplies are within easy reach.

It’s perfect, really.

So why can’t I work in there? What is my aversion to sitting at a desk? I would be more productive, I think, than sitting in my overstuffed chair in the corner of the living room. From there I see dishes that need cleaning, dinner that needs fixing. I see a dark TV set that could transport me into the storyworld of a movie (literature-based, of course—at least that’s what I try to tell myself.) I listen for the mailman. The sunny deck out back beckons me. In short, I don’t get as much writing done as I’d like to—as I think I ought to.

But somehow I end up with great word counts when I’m forced into the hidey-hole of my office for the day. And I love it while I’m in there. I guess it’s just a matter of foregoing my comfy place in order to fully do what God has called me to do. And isn’t that true, no matter what our calling is?

3 comments on “My Comfy Place

  1. Yes, I’m glad to be home and writing. I MADE myself work in the office yesterday and got soooo much done.

    Of course, I have to share said office with hubby when he works from home. 🙂

  2. Yup, I’m with ya on this one. I have a great office. Sometimes, though, I want to be in the living room lounging on the sofa. But, alas, just like you, I’ll never get anything done in there.

  3. Words that resonate with us all, D’Ann. But then again, isn’t this sort of like, “If it were easy, anyone could do it?”
    Glad you had fun on your trip. Welcome back to work (you should excuse the expression).

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