My Favorite Apps

I’m all about streamlining my life and making things easier. In a continuing effort to do just that, I thought I’d share with you a few of the apps I use every single day, whether on my computer, phone or tablet.

YouVersion app1. YouVersion: I love being able to access and log my Bible reading plan, even if I read from my physical Bible. That way if we are traveling–or even if I find myself “out and about” with time on my hands–I know exactly where I am. Right now, I’m reading in the app, too, in order to get a fresh perspective rather than see all my old notes. I can highlight or write a note about my thoughts on a verse. I can also access the notes at and copy and paste them somewhere else if I want. I love this app! FREE (computer, phone, tablet)



2. PrayerMate: Like YouVersion, PrayerMate keeps up with the things I want to pray about and gives me access to them wherever I PrayerMate appam. Now when someone tells me they need prayer for a person or situation, I can immediately log it in the app and know it will cycle through my prayer time and I won’t forget! You can tell the app how many subjects from each category you want to pray at each session, which means if there are things to cover every day, you can do that. Or things to cycle through the week, you can do that, too. You can even add a specific date to something you want to pray for. I love that this app keeps my prayer life focused as well as manageable. My only beef with this app is that as of now it does not sync across devices. That would be helpful. FREE (phone, tablet)

Motivated Moms app

3. MotivatedMoms: Housekeeping has never been my strong suit. When a friend of mine told me about this app a couple of years ago, I was skeptical. A list of housekeeping tasks by date–some daily tasks, some weekly, some at various other intervals. But would it really help me stay on track? For a girl who likes to tick the boxes, it is perfect! The tasks are manageable in usually a fairly short amount of time for each day, which is good. But perhaps the best part is that not only does it remind of the things that need to be done on a regular basis (floors, bathrooms, dishes, etc), but it adds in tasks I never think to do, like refrigerator shelves, the microwave, changing AC filters, etc. I confess I don’t do every task every day, but I figure even if I do half of what is suggested, it’s 100% more than I would have done on my own! Another plus? It keeps all this stuff from gooping up my to do list. (More about that next!) This is a paid app–and you pay every year. But at less than $10, it beats a housekeeper. Worth. Every. Penny. PAID (computer, phone, tablet)

4. Nozbe: I love, love, love Nozbe! It organizes my life! Nozbe is a GTD app. It works on the foundation of breaking projects downNozbe into tasks that need to be done to accomplish those projects then identifying the “next action” required for each project and keeping that action on your to do list. This is so helpful to me! On Sundays, I set my next actions for the week. I have tasks that repeat every day–like Motivated Moms. (Once I complete all the Motivated Moms tasks I intend to do that day, I mark it off as one task.) I have pieces of projects that repeat. I have some tasks that pop up as a next action on a specific date. It has simplified my list making and kept it all in one place, helping me see what needs to be done now and keeping me from forgetting what needs to be done in the future, be it a day, a week or a year! PAID SUBSCRIPTION ONLINE THEN SYNCS ACROSS DEVICES (computer, phone, tablet)



5. Evernote: If Nozbe is vital to my tasks, Evernote is vital to the rest of my life. I keep everything here: receipts, research, recipes, travel details, ideas, etc. Basically, it holds everything I’d normally have written on scraps around my house or lost in piles of papers or filed in folders out of sight. And all of it is searchable! I love having even the smallest detail of my life at my fingertips! FREE or PAID (computer, phone, tablet)



So there you go. My five favorite apps, the ones I use every single day.

What are the apps that have revolutionized the way you live your life?

8 comments on “My Favorite Apps

  1. Thanks for sharing. I just downloaded PrayerMate and Nozbe. I already had the bible app and love to have it read the bible to me.
    Donna, More Than a Review Founder

  2. I’m so excited about a couple of these! The prayer app (who knew??), the cleaning app, Nozbe… I adore Evernote. I have it installed on three different computers plus my phone. LOL

    I use Evernote as my to-do list and it’s working well for me, so I wonder if Nozbe might be redundant. But I’ll check it out.

    Thanks for the tips!

    • Hubby introduced me to the prayer app. I love it so much. No more requests getting lost on pages and pages of lists. Evernote works great as a to do list, too, but I just needed a dedicated one that worked off the GTD methodology. Hope some of those help!

  3. Ooh, I need to check some of these out. My problem is every time I find a new organizational app or tool, I use it for a little bit and then sort of fade away. I’m still in the world of post-it notes and and scribbled to-do lists and wild hopes that I’ll just remember everything I need to do. I have used Evernote some…and I love YouVersion.

    • Yes, it takes some consistent use to make them part of your routine, but each of these has been well worth the effort!

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