My Office Makeover!

Our oldest child lives at college except for a few holiday visits. Our second child lives at college except for summer (so far). So with both of them gone more than home, we decided it was time to re-appropriate some space in our house. Mainly, my office.

When we moved into this house 6 1/2 years ago, we made the smallest bedroom an office space. Not just for me. It also house the one computer our kids shared. A cramped, dark, often messy room. I could have sworn I had a picture of it, but it is no where to be found!

Instead, I now have the sunny front bedroom. Much larger, more accessible to the main areas, and a bigger closet for my office supplies and book stuff. With a coat of fresh paint and the old furniture moved in (and only one child who occasionally needs the desktop computer in the room!), I now have a haven I love. In fact, it’s been hard to stay out of it! Which I guess is a good thing. 🙂

So with a drumroll and a big TA-DA!

(Yes, i mostly sit in the big chair, not at the desk. There is another (full) bookshelf behind the cushy chair, too!)

So what do you think?

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12 comments on “My Office Makeover!

  1. It definitely appears wide and airy. It doesn’t look cramped—a major plus when performing tasks in this area. Overall, it looks comfy. Keep up the good work!

  2. I love your new office! What a great DIY project. I once had a bedroom for an office that had only one small, high rectangular window. As soon as I needed the room for a nursery, I moved into a space in the formal living room in front of the bay window. I instantly realized how much I adored the light and the view. Nowadays, having my desk facing a window (and the front yard) is a must for me.

    Enjoy enjoy!

    • Thanks, Becky! Yes, I love my front yard view and all the light. Seriously, my family can hardly get me out of there now! 🙂

  3. We just did our bathroom that color with black and white. I love the office! Can’t wait till ours resembles something like that… you don’t even want to know what it looks like now! Haha!

    • I’ll bet your bathroom looks great! Maybe I’ll get to see it someday! 🙂 Been praying for y’all today, dear friend!

    • I know! That’s my favorite part. The only other room in my house that is that light and bright is my kitchen, but I avoid going in there at all costs. Someone might think I’m actually going to cook something!

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