My Silly Waiting Ditty

(Sung to the tune of the theme from Rawhide. I watched the reruns—along with The Rifleman—almost every Saturday afternoon when I was growing up.)
Waiting, waiting, waiting,
Oh, anticipating,
Day and night I’m waiting,
How long?
Imagination soaring,
Oh Lord You get the glory,
Or maybe I’ll be left
High and dry.
Trying to keep busy
But not forgetting, really,
That sometime my fate
They will decide.
Yes or no, no or yes,
No or yes, yes or no,
Yes or no, no or yes
Which one?
Waiting day, waiting night,
Waiting night, waiting day,
Waiting day, waiting night,
How long?

1 comment on “My Silly Waiting Ditty

  1. Now that song will be going through my head all day!

    D'Ann! I know your pain, and am praying for the very best for you. Waiting can be excruciating, but you've turned that angst into a very clever ditty. Loved it!

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