My Stubborn Heart by Becky Wade

I read a decent amount of contemporary fiction, but it mostly falls in the realm of  Women’s Fiction and Mystery/Suspense titles. I rarely read contemporary romance.

Enter a serious of events that led me to discover that a new Bethany House author lived in Dallas. I wished we could connect. Then lo and behold, I found out she has been in Sunday School with my brother and sister-in-law for a decade or so! Wow! Small world! We chatted once over breakfast, again when we visited their church for my niece’s and nephew’s baptisms. I knew I would read her book when it came out, just because I would. Even though she writes contemporary romance.

I picked up the book last Saturday. On Sunday afternoon, after I finished the historical romance I was reading, I opened My Stubborn Heart. I expected it to go like the majority of books, holding my attention but not demanding it. Boy was I wrong! I didn’t put down My Stubborn Heart until I finished it at nearly midnight! (Well, ok. I did force it out of my hands while hubby and I watched Sherlock, but I picked it up again as soon as the credits rolled.)

Of course the story pulled me in with great characters. Real characters. People I might meet in my everyday life. (Ok, so maybe I don’t have any former professional hockey players among my acquaintances, but still, in the end, Matt was a man like any man.) The push and pull of the romance never felt contrived. The conflict flowed naturally out of character and backstory and circumstance. And what a wonderful supporting cast of “seniors”! They were a hoot! I honestly can’t think of much I didn’t like about this book. In fact, I woke up Monday morning still smiling over Kate and Matt. I think of them now as my friends after walking their rocky road with them!

My Stubborn Heart is a book that will stay on my shelf–and not just because it is autographed to me! And I’ll have to make room for more, since more Becky Wade books will release over the next few years. Such fun when a friend becomes a favorite author!

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