New School Year, New Projects

New School Year, New Projects

Even though I no longer have students actually living in my house, my kids’ lives are still dictated by the school calendar. My daughter embarked on her final year of her master’s degree program last week. My middle child had his first day of school on Monday–this time as the teacher! And my youngest gets his new freshmen today (he’s a Community Leader, or what some schools call a Resident Advisor, in his dorm) and starts classes on Monday.

The start of school still marks a fresh start in my mind, so each new school year brings thoughts of new schedules and new projects. And this year should be a doozy! I’m ready to start work on my first novel since Playing by Heart. (Long story as to my 2 year hiatus from novel writing. Someday I’ll share it.) And at the same time, we are ready to do some updating to our house. I’m very excited about both of these projects! I’m ready for the creative outlets, but I’m also ready to once again have dedicated tasks for my mind and my hands.

So how about you? Are you anticipating any “new” things with the beginning of this school year?

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  1. Hi Anne,
    Seems to be a time of changes and yet getting back to business as well after all is settled. Perhaps God has us back to the school desk as well. We feel He is going to be taking us out of the RV life (not fun) and into a home soon. REALLY looking forward to this. But all in His time and it will be a miracle when it happens.
    Looking forward to your new writing endeavor! Enjoyed Playing by Heart. As a little girl I was a basketball fanatic. And good at it, though short. I new all about James Naismith and I scored nearly every point and loved to shoot three pointers but they only scored two in those days. As I got older, I quit because the girls were too rough and tough for me. But I wish I had spend the unbelievable amount of hours on writing or an instrument or something else but it did make me enjoy the play by play in your book.

    • How sweet you are, Sandy! So happy those basketball scenes came alive for you and brought to mind happy times of your own playing days. Bless you for your faithfulness and patience in waiting on God’s plan for you. I hope everything becomes clear and all the details falls into place to get you settled very soon. 🙂

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