Blog Reading and To Do List Switches

I am generally a creature of habit, especially when I find a product that works for me. In fact, once I find a product that fits my lifestyle or thought processes, my biggest frustration is having to replace it and not being able to do so with the exact same thing! So when I opened my Google Reader–where I keep all the blog feeds I browse through every day–and saw it was being discontinued as of July 1, I panicked! What to do? What to do?

After a bit of searching and testing, I discovered I could import my blog list into Feedly and that it works much the same as Google Reader. And, like Google Reader, it is free. Feedly is now on my bookmarks bar. I’m making a fairly seamless transition and the stress has subsided.

I did the same thing with my to do list app just a few weeks ago. I really liked Nozbe but it was inching toward the renewal date and I just couldn’t justify almost $100/year to a list making program! So I did some research, some testing of both web apps and phone apps and finally landed on Toodledo. I think the iphone app cost under $5 and if I later decide I want the premium features on the web, it’s under $20/year. Much more manageable and it fits the way I organize my lists, though it took a bit of experimentation to realize this. So I’ve made the switch and my to do lists are up and running again.

Of course nothing is perfect, so I’d love to hear your go-to apps for blog reading and to do lists in case I’ve missed something better!

6 comments on “Blog Reading and To Do List Switches

  1. In Jan I upgraded to a smart phone. Ack! But I’m figuring it out. So when I was chatting with the Verizon chick about my phone, she obviously preferred android to windows. I say the is no best phone. Just best-for you.

    • I agree, Gina! What works for you is what works. Sometimes you find that right thing the first time, and sometimes it takes of a bit of experimentation. I fought my hubby on an iphone for a while and now I love how it works for me. 🙂

  2. I’ve been wondering what to do about Google reader myself. Thanks for letting me know about such a good alternative. I’ll have to get on that transition. 🙂

    • I truly panicked because I’m so comfortable with Google Reader! I set my Feedly to “All” and “Full Articles” to work like GR, or you can try one of their variety of formats. I wanted to make the switch now and make sure I like it before GR went away. 🙂

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