No Place Like Home

27 of the last 44 days. That’s how many days I’ve been out of town as of yesterday. Never in my life have I packed so much travel into such a short period of time! Not all the trips were business. But they weren’t all pleasure. Most trips were planned. Two were last minute. Two trips involved driving. Three involved airplanes. I have to say: I’m exhausted—and so glad to be home!

But in these whirlwind six weeks, I feel as if I’ve become a seasoned traveler. I can pack for up to 6 days in two carry on bags. I can throw a suitcase together in a matter of hours. I can whisk through security without stress. (The only thing I still can’t do is ride a commuter prop plane without white-knuckling the armrests!)
I’m glad to have a couple of weeks to catch my breath before a short trip to drop our daughter at college. Then everyone will start school and I’ll be back to blessed routine—at least until my next trip!