October Reads

This post will be short and sweet. Why? Two reasons.

First, I’m still making my way through Hilary Mantel’s The Mirror & the Light. I’m currently around page 600, so 400 left to go! Woo-hoo!

Second, our life erupted in unexpected chaos and drama this month. So much so that I couldn’t even focus to read. Which should say a lot about our stress level because usually when stressed I read more, not less!

But I did finish 3 books this month between my progress on the long one, and here they are:

The Book of Lost Friends by Lisa Wingate

So, so, so good! Lisa is just an amazing storyteller, as well as being one of the nicest people I know. As she did in Before We Were Yours, she took a piece of lost history and crafted great characters around it. Definitely a must read!

The Forgotten Letters of Esther Durrant by Kayte Nunn

There was so very much I wanted to love about this book, but I just didn’t. The premise intrigued me, obviously, or I wouldn’t have picked it up! But it took so long in the story for the three different characters’ stories to merge that it was hard to stay with it. And when they did, it was a race to the end that was neat and tidy with little conflict on the downhill side.

The Price of Valor by Susan May Warren

No worries about holding my attention in this one! This book is kind of the culmination of her last 2 or 3 series. As usual, a page-turner. And while I’m glad to have some of the threads wrapped up that pulled through all those books, I hope to see these characters occasionally in her next series. And I’m looking forward to those books, too!

That’s it. Hopefully by the end of next month I’ll have finished The Mirror & the Light, but no promises! When I do finally tell you about it I’ll also let you know why it took me so long to finish it—the reason beyond the page count, which has nothing to do with the writing and everything to do with my life during the reading!

And, of course, next month will see the start of Christmas-themed novels and novellas! I always love those at this time of year!

Happy reading!