Oh, That Aroma!

For the past few years we’ve made our coffee in a French press. I love making it that way. It’s easy. Very little clean up. And I can make a small amount when it is just me. But since my in-laws arrived last week we’ve pulled out the old coffee maker again. And I’ve remembered how much I love the smell of coffee brewing.
You see, in the French press method you don’t get any of that house-filling aroma. The kind they show on coffee commercials. The kind that pulls you out of a warm bed on a (finally!) cool morning. I’d forgotten how good it smells, reminding me of winter and holidays even though I didn’t grow up with coffee drinkers.
I’m sure when they leave we’ll put the coffee maker away again and go back to our French press. But in the meantime, I’ll savor that smell that weaves its way from the kitchen into my bedroom and gently wakes me to greet a new day.
How about you? Are you a coffee drinker? What method do you use to brew it and why?

4 comments on “Oh, That Aroma!

  1. Patti, that sounds like the perfect excuse NOT to cook! I mean really–no stove AND a deadline?? I think it's a sign . . .

  2. I drink ANY kind of good bean, fresh brew coffee.

    Our stove BLEW out on Thursday (yes, with two deadlines) so I went to the neighbors after church today with my kettle and boiled H2O for our Sunday French press.

    Sounds problematic, huh?
    No. The problem is gonna be cooking healthy/organic for two weeks while waiting for the stove!!!

    ANd those deadlines!!


  3. can you believe i am becoming one? i think i am influenced by friends around us who are! but still not wanting to succumb to a cup everyday so that it is sort of a treat for us! We have to go with the french press since electricity is not reliable! i am looking forward to some Texas Roast when we get back!

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