Oh, the Irony!: A Social Media Marketing Fail

I’m not a social media hater, but I’m not a social media maven, either. I enjoy social media in its various forms (facebook, twitter, pinterest, goodreads, instagram, etc.) both personally and professionally, though I put more effort in them with the hope I’ll connect with readers who might then enjoy my books. But I’ve noticed a trend in my Pinterest boards that I have to say made me laugh.

My most pinned to board?

Looks Yummy, But Can I Make It on Pinterest.

Can you read the subtitle of this board? I’m not a cook by any stretch of the imagination! But I do love to eat. And thus, I pin.

Of course, this isn’t my most followed board (which is a comfort), although it remains third, just behind Another Good Read and For Bibliophiles and Wordsmiths. But still. None of my other boards have this many pins. What does that say about me, the woman who avoids the kitchen?

To makes matter worse, what is my most re-pinned pin over all my boards? You guessed it, a recipe!

My most pinned pin--oh, the irony!

Oh, the irony! I mean, consider that 619 number when compared to the most re-pinned of my book covers: 6.

And so you have before you an example of an epic professional social media fail. At least it’s comforting to look through all those pictures of good food when I can’t figure out what to make for dinner. Not that I ever actually make those things (or rarely I do), but it’s nice to see that other people can create fabulous dishes that look yummy while I pull out one of my five tried and true easy dinners or, even better, suggest we go out.