Oh the Things Moms Will Do

I’ve spent the past week running all over creation looking for a pink necklace. Not just any pink necklace, mind you, but one almost the exact dark hot pink of the sandals from the clearance rack. After all, if you are wearing pink sandals with a black and white dress, it stands to reason that your necklace should be pink, too. Right?

Lest you think I got caught up indulging my inner diva in me, let me assure you, I did not. I embarked on the quest for my daughter.
Let me explain. She’s never been a girly girl. In fact, she’s really been a tomboy most of her life. But all of sudden, at 19, she is conforming to the social norms. So for the first time in my life, I really, really feel like the mother of a girl. And the girl who has disdained pink in any form, now begged me to find that perfect pink necklace while she spent the week at Glorieta with her college friends.
What’s a mom to do? Go shopping, of course. And of course no one had what I needed. Not until in a desperate attempt to not disappoint, I checked the necklaces at Walmart. And wa-la! One—count it, one—necklace that worked. Yes, one style, but ONE left! My only consolation? It was on clearance for $3. If only I hadn’t already spend four times that amount in gas going to all those other places!

3 comments on “Oh the Things Moms Will Do

  1. I love it!

    you probably feel like mom did raising me!!!

    Elizabeth is ahead of me, i was still wearing workout shorts and t-shirts to all my classes when i was her age!

  2. It's funny, my Sarah didn't like MOM along on the shopping trips…until wedding dress time came around. Then I got talked into letting her pick MY dress as well.

    Oh dear.

    Enjoy, girl!!

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