Olympics 2012

The Olympics are here! The Olympics are here!

What is it about the Olympics that draw us in so completely? Is it the world-wide competition? The (mostly) amateur-status thing? The┬ápageantry? The personal stories of overcoming? Whatever it is–or the combination of them all–the Olympics seem to give us a shared experience in a way few other things do. I have great childhood memories of watching the Olympics with my family, even being allowed to eat on TV trays so we didn’t miss an event! We continued those traditions with our children, making the Olympics a special time to bond, to talk, to celebrate or cry together over our favorites.

Maybe part of it was more personal for my family, knowing that my parents’ good friend won a gold medal in freestyle wrestling in Rome back in 1960. Long before we were born, of course, but we heard the story, saw the medal. With the games only happening every four years, the spotlight is swift and ever-changing (except for the professionals that now compete.) So maybe that connection brought home the fact that most of these competitors are real people, many of whom will go on to lead normal lives, even if they medal in their sport. Or maybe we have the same fascination with the Olympics as everyone else.

All I know is we are excited at our house. I hope you will join in some of the fun, too!

Do the Olympics figure into your family traditions? What events are you most looking forward to watching?

4 comments on “Olympics 2012

  1. We love the Olympics. During the parade of nations my oldest daughter and I pull out the atlas and try to locate those obscure countries. My middle daughter critiques their national costumes while the youngest two act out the various events mentioned.

    Gymnastics, basketball and diving are some of our favorites.

    • It was a great opening ceremony, wasn’t it? I especially loved Rowan Atkinson and Chariots of Fire. I’m a huge fan of both! ­čÖé

      My boys will watch every second of basketball they can. I don’t care for it as much now that it is NBA players. I’ll be glued to gymnastics, swimming and diving, and some of the track and field. Of course we like to watch some of the off beat sports, too, like badminton and table tennis!

  2. I can’t wait to watch the opening ceremonies with my kiddos tonight. I still remember jumping off the couch with my dad and dancing to Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long” at the 84 ceremony. Special memory. Makes me miss my dad.

    But so excited to share this with my kids.
    ~ Wendy

    • Yes, I love the family memories associated with the Olympics–and the making of new family memories even now that my kids are almost grown! In fact, I might be watching part of tonight’s ceremony with my parents. I do love seeing what all the nations wear in the processional.

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