One Fell Swoop

I woke Saturday morning to a glorious sight—an article with my byline in the Dallas Morning News’ Rockwall/Rowlett Neighbors pullout section. A full page. With color pictures. And a line in italics at the end that declared me “a freelance writer.”

WOW! It was amazing. It was thrilling. But I didn’t jump up and down or call everyone I know. I just savored the moment, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Then the mail arrived. Low and behold, the day got even better. A large manila envelope bore my name. I ripped it open. Beginnings Magazine. My first fiction publication. I turned to the story I know almost by heart, “Seat 6.” I’d been waiting for this for almost 10 months. Again, I reveled quietly in the moment.

It’s a bit overwhelming to discover your words in print twice in one day. Fiction. Non-fiction. Magazine. Newspaper. My words on a page for all to see. Scrolling back through the annuls of my imagination, I thought I’d be elated, ecstatic, uncontainable.

But all I felt was humbled.

Thank you, Lord, for being faithful to the dream You put in my heart so many years ago. May my words always bring glory to You alone.