Online Class on Writing Historical Fiction starts Monday!

Have you always wanted to try writing a historical novel but feared you couldn’t put all the pieces together? I know that feeling–and have worked through it several times. Now I’m teaching a class on how to do just that!

When: May 5-30, 2014

Where: online at

How much: $40

Here’s the class description for you, too:

Writing historical fiction involves more than dressing your characters in vintage clothing. It requires building an entire historical world, one which transports your readers to another time and place. Sound daunting? Not really. A little bit of research can go a long way if you know the kinds of things to look for. In this four week course, we will explore what makes a novel “historical” and what makes a novel feel historical to a reader. We’ll each choose a time period and place to work with through the course, then we’ll discuss and practice:

  • Balancing fact and fiction
  • Understanding the “big” history of an era
  • Discovering the realities of daily life for your characters
  • Enhancing the historical feel with clothing and culture
  • Avoiding anachronistic characters
  • Getting the words right in narrative and dialogue
  • Putting together the final product

If you are just beginning to delve into writing historical fiction, this class is for you. So grab your time machine and let’s go!

If you aren’t an aspiring historical novelist but know someone who is, then pass along the information please. And if you write, but not historicals, Margie’s courses are FABULOUS, so check out the other offerings throughout the year.

Creating That Historical Feel by Anne Mateer, Margie Lawson's Writer's Academy course, May 2014

4 comments on “Online Class on Writing Historical Fiction starts Monday!

  1. Sounds like a fun class! I was able to mention you and your books both in my recent workshop and later to a friend who wants to become an author. Hope this gets you some more readers!

    • Awesome, Alicia! I appreciate that! it should be fun spending time online with others who love both fiction and history. 🙂

  2. Way to go, D’Ann! I wish I could take your class, but I will be traveling and prepping for a book launch during that time. It sounds so good! Your students are in for a treat. Have fun!

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