Online Writing Class Starts Wednesday!

It’s that time again–time to teach a new group of students how to give their fiction a “historical” feel for the reader. It’s so much more than just setting the story in a different year from the present!

Come join us yourself or pass the info to a friend. Here’s the class info (this class is offered through the Margie Lawson Writer’s Academy):

April 1 – 30  Fee: $50

Sign up:

Creating That Historical Feel Course Description

Writing historical fiction involves more than dressing your characters in vintage clothing. It requires building an entire historical world which transports your readers to another time and place. Sound daunting? Not really. A little bit of research can go a long way if you know the kinds of things to look for.
In this four week course, we will explore what makes a novel “historical” and what makes a novel feel historical to a reader. We’ll each choose a time period and place to work with through the course, then we’ll discuss and practice:
  • Balancing fact and fiction
  • Understanding the “big” history of an era
  • Discovering the realities of daily life for your characters
  • Enhancing the historical feel with clothing and culture
  • Avoiding anachronistic characters
  • Getting the words right in narrative and dialogue
  • Putting together the final product
If you are just beginning to delve into writing historical fiction, this class is for you. So grab your time machine and let’s go!

Anne Mateer is the author of four historical novels with Bethany House publishers. She has had a passion for both history and fiction since she first began reading as a child. Armed with a B.A. in history from Southern Methodist University, she enjoys exploring the lives of characters from bygone eras, both factual and fictional.


6 comments on “Online Writing Class Starts Wednesday!

  1. Hi,
    I’m trying to sign up for the Historical Writing Course and I’m having trouble registering with your site. I’ve tried twice and it says there’s an error. Can you help?

    Looking forward to the course:)

  2. Just signed up for the class, Anne. Can’t wait to get started! Will I get an email, or do I just go to the site on Wednesday?

    • Awesome, Marie! I look forward to getting to know you there. I think you will get an email, but if not, yes, go to the site on Wednesday and log in and the Welcome lecture should be up. (If it’s really early, check back. I try to do it first thing in the morning, but I’m not really a morning person!)

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