Our State Fair is a Great State Fair

I find myself singing the songs from Rogers & Hammerstein’s State Fair when fall arrives. In the 1962 movie version, they moved the State Fair of the show from Iowa to Texas, which, of course, you find the biggest and best of all the state fairs!

Attending the State Fair of Texas is a big tradition at our house. We love all the craft and food and livestock exhibits, the variety of shows, seeing all the new car models, and even all the vendors hawking their wares. And, of course, the fried food!

This year we spent a beautiful Saturday (sunny, breezy and a high of 80 degrees) at the fairgrounds with our youngest son and his girlfriend. She’s from California, so this was a Texas cultural experience for her. Not sure what she thought of it all, but I know the fried Oreos were a hit! And of course we had to take the obligatory pictures with Big Tex to prove we were there.



Do you attend the state fair in your state?