Playing Catch Up

Yes, I’ve been silent for a whole week now. I thought this would be the week that my life finally returned to “normal,” whatever that is. I thought I’d be able to fall into the routine I’ve been planning for this school year since August. But, alas, it didn’t happen. Or maybe it did. 

Mainly, I’ve been playing catch up as well as tying up a few loose ends from last week’s volunteer stuff. And I didn’t realize quite how big of a hole I’d dug for myself! So blogging fell to the bottom of the priority list. 

I’m feeling better now, though, especially with the thought of Monday’s holiday to help me get back on track. Of course baseball is about to start, and even though only two of my three are playing, it is two different teams with two different schedules. Plus it is the beginning of spring—the beginning of birthday season around here as well as all the spring events as we wind down school. So maybe “normal” won’t happen this year. And next year, with one less child at home, I’ll have a “new normal.” 

One thing is for sure: my life is never boring!