I confess, I am a latecomer to podcasts. My husband has been a longtime follower of several that fall in the range of politics, business, and sermons. But until my friend Laura McClellan started The Productive Woman┬ápodcast ┬áback in 2014, I had never listened to one. And until a few weeks ago, The Productive Woman was the only one I listened to–though I listen faithfully.

Then my husband came home with two new podcasts he’d heard about. I almost dismissed his suggestion that we listen, figuring them to fall within the realm of his usual fare. Fortunately, he didn’t give me the chance. He just started one. And I was entranced.

The first one is Hardcore History, hosted by Dan Carlin. And yes, it is just as the name sounds. Intricate and detailed but thoroughly entertaining and fascinating. Because they are long, we haven’t listened to many yet, but I truly felt like I was back in a college history class–a very happy place for me!

The second is a bit more accessible for the general public (as opposed to the history-lover), but those of us who enjoy history find this one fascinating as well. Stuff You Missed in History Class features episodes on everything from historical figures to products we know and love. And at a 1/2 hour per episode, they are great for listening during a workout or a drive across town.

The lifelong student and history-lover in me can’t get enough of this stuff, although finding time to listen is harder for me than for hubby. (He has a daily commute plus his workout time. I, on the other hand, have no commute and often read while I’m on the treadmill!) But when I make time, I find myself wanting to make more time.

I had no idea that history had suddenly become popular!

How about you? Any podcasts you enjoy and recommend?