Portrait of a Reader: Alicia W.

Welcome, Alicia! Please start by introducing us to yourself and your family!

Hello! My name is Alicia A. Willis. I am a home-school graduate, historian, Christian Historical Fiction author, and avid reader! I am the oldest of eight kiddos, whom I love to death. And I consider my miniature teacup schnauzer Licorice a member of the family as well. 🙂

Portrait of a Reader: Alicia W.

Isn’t she precious? And yes, Alicia, my daughter would say the same about her puppy. How wonderful that you are so close to your siblings. I know that is a great joy to your parents! So, Alicia, when did you first came to identify yourself as a reader? Do you consider yourself a casual reader, a sporadic reader, a serious reader or an all-out bibliophile? 

I was reading at the age of four. Since that day, my parents couldn’t pry books out of my hands, whether it was the Little House on the Prairie series or history books.

A common refrain around here! What do you most enjoy reading now?

Christian Historical Fiction and biographies.

Two great categories of books, to be sure. What is the last book you finished and what are you currently reading?

The last published book I read was God’s Will, the debut novel of Meghan Gorecki. I am currently reading A Home For My Heart.


Yay! I love hearing that! I hope you enjoy it. Do you have a favorite time and/or place to read? 

Any time, any place!

Which often makes for good stories–so what is the most unusual circumstance in which you’ve been found reading?

I really can’t recall anything unusual because I don’t really remember where I am when I’m reading… 🙂 Do all the imaginary places count? Rome during the Great Fire, Paris during the Nazi invasion, a castle under siege, and so forth?

Ha! I’m sure there is something, but it didn’t seem unusual to you, only to the people around you. 🙂 Do you read physical books, ebooks, or both?


Any book, any format, right? Do you buy your books, borrow them from friends or check them out of the library? (Or all of the above!)

Buy, borrow, steal, library… 🙂

Ha! Do you have any favorite foods or drinks that generally accompany your reading?

Coffee, usually. Sometimes chocolate, toast, or apples with Nutella

Oh, I love apples and nutella! Or nutella and toast! Yum! Finally, it’s true confessions time: have you ever forgotten something important (to fix dinner or that dinner was in the oven or an appointment, etc) because you were lost in the pages of a book? 

Being in a family of ten, I have a lot of people to remind me of things! But I do recall dumping coffee all over the place and burning a grilled sandwich because I was reading…

At least you have people around to keep you on track. 

Thank you so much for sharing a little bit of yourself with us today, Alicia. I’m sure everyone else enjoyed getting to know you, too!

Happy Reading, Y’all! 

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