Printers, Printers Everywhere–But Not a Drop of Ink on the Page!

Most days I can sing with Kip from Napoleon Dynamite: I love technology!

Today was not one of those days. Today I wanted to walk down the block and toss the lot into the lake!

Actually, it started last night. My son needed to print a paper for school. Now understand—we have two computers and two printers in the house. He tried to print from his computer to his printer. No go. Out of ink. So he emailed his paper to me.

No problem. My laser printer is never out of ink. And it still isn’t. But try as I might, the print job failed every time. Even though I’d printed an email just a couple of hours earlier without a hitch. Nothing had changed since then. Nothing. But even after disconnecting the printer from the wireless print server and attaching it directly to my laptop, the same, frustrating message popped up—and no page printed.

Finally, this afternoon, I determined to find the problem. An hour and a half later, it works. The problem? One number in the IP address had changed. How, I ask you? I didn’t do it. I didn’t change a thing from the last time I’d printed. Go figure.

So my printer is working again. I guess to be on the safe side I’d better go buy new ink cartridges for the other printer!