Pumpkin Pie

I can’t remember when I started the tradition, but somewhere in the past, it began. October 31 is the day I make the first pumpkin pie of the season. It isn’t just any pumpkin pie, mind you. It’s my grandmother’s recipe—more nutmeggy, more creamy than a traditional pumpkin pie. It’s something I can actually make, something that turns out the way it is supposed to every time.

And my family loves it. The five of us can polish off a whole pie in nothing flat.

So the season begins. I will make one or two pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving, one or two for Christmas, and a few more here and there before Winter’s end. And all I know is I’d better keep to my exercise routine. Otherwise I’ll be round as a pumpkin by Spring!

5 comments on “Pumpkin Pie

  1. Heather–that’s a whole 24 hours after it’s made! What doesn’t get eaten tonight will be devoured at breakfast, I have a feeling. (After all, pumpkin is a fruit or vegetable or something, right?)

    Suzanne–I think that’s how this tradition started, as a treat after an evening or trick-or-treating. Ask and you shall receive (check your inbox.)

    Yes, Carla, whipped cream is a MUST, at least with most of us in our family. Of course as they’ve grown they want the real stuff, not cool whip!

  2. What a great tradition! Pumpkin pie is one of my favorites, and all of my grandsons, who turn their noses up at most veggies, love pumpkin pie. My 87-year-old mother-in-law always has a “special” pie for when the kids shows up–no crust and plenty of cool whip. Happy Halloween!

  3. I love that you do that! I have two pie pumpkins sitting on my counter right now, waiting to be cooked for pie. I am planning to make a pie tomorrow to have after a little trick or treating, and I thought to myself the other day it would be a fun tradition to start.

    So . . . I don’t suppose that recipe is a family secret, is it?

  4. did someone say pumpkin pie?
    you know, looking at my calendar, i see that the rockwall writer’s group happens to be meeting the day after oct 31…

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