Reading List 2011

When my friend Carla mentioned that she’s looking forward to reading my book this year, it struck me how many friends I have with books releasing in 2011. Here’s just a partial list. I know there are more, but this is off the top of my head!
The Muir House by Mary DeMuth
Broken Wings by Carla Stewart
A Force of Habit by Alice Loweecey
Secrets of the Heart by Jillian Kent
Lady in the Mist by Laurie Alice Eakes
The Lady of Bolton Hill by Elizabeth Camden
Springtime of the Spirit by Maureen Lang 
Journey to Riverbend by Henry McLaughlin
Patti Lacy has one due out in fall, but I don’t know the title. And I believe Gina Holmes‘ second book comes out this year, too.
And all of those authors are just the ones I consider friends! That doesn’t count other authors I simply admire or might have met once. Good grief! I think I’ll definitely have to schedule more reading time.
Is there a specific title or author you are looking forward to reading this year?

5 comments on “Reading List 2011

  1. Thanks for the mention! I LOVE having friends who write great books. You've given me some new ones to add to my list. Thanks! And I CAN'T WAIT for your book!!!!

  2. I knew I'd forget some! Richard Mabry has TWO coming out this year: Diagnosis Death and Lethal Remedy.

    I have such prolific friends!

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