Ready to Organize

When my house is quiet and everything stays generally in its place, I can ignore the chaos behind cabinet and closet doors. But when my house erupts in the chaos of kids (and all their stuff!) home for the summer, I find myself compelled to organize the unseen places of my home. And so I’m embarking on an a cleaning out quest.

I already hit my own closet, ruthlessly ridding it of clothes I won’t wear again, even if I could somehow fit into them. Other areas of desperation include my kitchen and pantry, laundry room, and two–yes two–storage closets in the bedroom hall. Of course the garage needs desperate attention, but that will really depend on everyone else, because it is too big of a job to tackle alone.

It’s funny how much more settled I will feel–even in the midst of the craziness of life–when I know that all those spaces no one else sees are neat and clean. And when the kids drift off to their own lives in the fall, I’ll embrace the quiet and clean of the house once more.